Sporting Events

Plympton St.Maurice Kwik Cricket Super Stars.


Thursday 10th September 2015 -  The Plympton Family festivals got underway for this new academic year this afternoon with the KS1 Kwik Cricket Festival. Plympton St. Maurice sent along a team of their new Y2 students to Ridgeway School to receive some coaching and play some Kwik Cricket. All of the children impressed me from the start, showing me how much they already knew about fielding and their accuracy with throwing and catching. Henry and Tom, young leaders at Ridgeway, were also on hand to give them some tips and help me to run the games. After all of the warm up games and skills we played 4 rounds of Kwik Cricket. It was great to see from the scores that all of the children were improving their batting throughout the afternoon. I would like to say a big thank you to the ladies who brought their team along and also to the teachers for arranging everything behind the scenes.  Thank you also to Henry and Tom for all your help and enthusiasm this afternoon. I can’t help but feel we are off to an amazing start – looking forward to seeing you all again at Ridgeway for more festivals coming up soon.

Miss Crowther

PE Specialist Teacher

Ridgeway School